Our study aims to understand cellular functions using a bottom-up approach from the single molecule level. To achieve this, we are attempting to elucidate the mechanism by which individual biomolecules or their networks function in a precise manner, by developing novel single-molecule techniques using multidisciplinary approaches, including biophysics, bioMEMS, and chemical biology. In addition, we are developing a methodology to investigate correlations between genetic mutations, dysfunctions, and diseases with single molecule sensitivity, which would provide new insights for biological as well as pharmaceutical studies.


    • Welcome Yuka

      Ms. Takano joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        21st Apr 2021
    • Publication

      Amplification-free RNA detection with CRISPR–Cas13.Commun Biol

        19th Apr 2021
    • Welcome Tatsuya & Kazue

      Mr. Iida and Ms. Murai joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Apr 2021
    • Publication

      High throughput formation of uniform-size liposomes. ACS Nano

        3rd Sep 2020
    • Welcome Toru

      Dr. Komatsu joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        23rd Jun 2020
    • Welcome Shingo

      Mr. Sakamoto joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st May 2020
    • Welcome Yoshiaki

      Dr. Kinosita joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Apr. 2020
    • Publication

      Multiplexed single-molecule analysis for counting disease-related proteins. Science Advances

        12nd Mar. 2020
    • Welcome Ikuko

      Ms. Takahashi joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Mar. 2020
    • Welcome Jun

      Dr. Ando joined Molecular Physiology Lab as a research scientist.

        1st Dec. 2019