Our study aims to understand cellular functions using a bottom-up approach from the single molecule level. To achieve this, we are attempting to elucidate the mechanism by which individual biomolecules or their networks function in a precise manner, by developing novel single-molecule techniques using multidisciplinary approaches, including biophysics, bioMEMS, and chemical biology. In addition, we are developing a methodology to investigate correlations between genetic mutations, dysfunctions, and diseases with single molecule sensitivity, which would provide new insights for biological as well as pharmaceutical studies.


    • Publication

      Exploring fluoropolymers for fabrication of femtoliter chamber arrays used in digital bioanalysis.Sci Rep

        20th May 2024
    • Publication

      Identification of activity-based biomarkers for early-stage pancreatic tumors in blood using single-molecule enzyme activity screening.Cell Rep Methods

        13th Jan 2024
    • Welcome Makoto and Takanori

      Drs. Kimura and Uzawa joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Jan 2024
    • Publication

      Thioester-Based Coupled Fluorogenic Assays in Microdevice for the Detection of Single-Molecule Enzyme Activities of Esterases with Specified Substrate Recognition.Adv Sci

        23rd Dec 2023
    • Publication

      Toward versatile digital bioanalysis.AIP Biomicrofluidics

        8th Dec 2023
    • Welcome Hiroaki

      Mr. Kawaguchi joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Oct 2023
    • Publication

      SATORI: Amplification-free digital RNA detection method for the diagnosis of viral infections.BPPB

        12th Jul 2023
    • Publication

      Purification/Amplification-Free RNA Detection Platform for Rapid and Multiplex Diagnosis of Plant Viral Infections.Anal Chem

        12th Jun 2023
    • Welcome Nagisa

      Dr. Mikami joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Jun 2023
    • Publication

      Dephosphorylation of neural wiring protein shootin1 by PP1 phosphatase regulates netrin-1-induced axon guidance.J Biol Chem

        12th Apr 2023
    • Publication

      Development of fluorogenic substrates for colorectal tumor-related neuropeptidases for activity-based diagnosis.Chem Sci

        12th Apr 2023
    • Publication

      Compact wide-field femtoliter-chamber imaging system for high-speed and accurate digital bioanalysis.Lab Chip

        27th Oct 2022
    • Publication

      Automated amplification-free digital RNA detection platform for rapid and sensitive SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis.Commun Biol

        26th May 2022
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      Ms. Mori joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        2nd May 2022
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      Dr. Suzuki joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Apr 2022
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      Dr. Ueda joined Molecular Physiology Lab.

        1st Apr 2022